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Harvey Nichols – Candy Pop

Harvey Nichols Interviews Sara Pope


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but what about the lips? It’s a fascination that artist Sara Pope has explored time and time again with graphic Warhol-esque prints.

Joining forces with bareMinerals, Sara has created a series of colourful limited edition prints in line with the release of their ‘Pop of Passion’ range of balm products. Available in eight colours, the Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balm’s can be used to create a bold lip colour, or patted lightly onto lips for a more subtle tint effect.

Keep an eye our for Sara’s luscious lips on our Harvey Nichols instagram – if you like and share with the hashtag #HNSaraPope, you could be in with a chance of keeping the print forever. The competition will be open from 10am Thursday 15 October to 10am Tuesday 20 October.

We caught up with the artist herself to find out more about art, makeup and where the two meet.

1. How did you come to join forces with bareMinerals?

I have always used bareMinerals and love their products. I was interested in the brand, approached them and luckily it seemed like a really good partnership, so we made some plans.

2. What was the process behind creating your images?

I always start with the model and do the makeup myself. I ask the models to express emotions and words and then take photographs and experiment around this. The lip paintings are done in oil to make it quite glossy and sometimes, I use makeup brushes interchangeably with paint brushes. Makeup becomes art and art becomes makeup.

3. You focus a lot on lips in your work – what attracts you to them?

I am interested in what people communicate. The lips are integral to how you do this. Also, through my fashion background I am intrigued by beauty and attractiveness. The lips are very sensual and expressive – you can play around and enhance that with lipstick and makeup.

4. How do you think makeup and art interact together?

For me they are completely intertwined. My art process begins with makeup as inspiration and as a practical starting point. Equally, great makeup artists can be inspired by art, so I think they feed off each other.

5. You have transitioned from Art Director to Shoe Designer to Artist – would you say that your varied experience influences your work?

Absolutely, I think all of my work is informed by the experience I have had in media and fashion.

6. And finally which of the new Pop Of Passion balms are you most drawn to?

I love Candy Pop – it was the inspiration behind a painting I did in London.


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