Inspired by her experience working for several years in the fashion industry as a shoe designer and magazines as a designer and art director, Sara aims to capture the glamour and seductive power conveyed by the lips and mouth. Through the perspective of her commercial experience she explores questions of beauty, consumerism and the rise of image perfectionism.

The starting point is a makeup brush and a lipstick. She paints a models lips, then, using tricks and techniques of makeup and lighting, she begins the process of creating the perfect lips. She asks the model to express different emotions which she captures photographically; using these shots as inspiration she begins the artwork.

The painting process involves several layers of thin oil-diluted paint being overlaid, blending and smoothing the colours extensively at every stage. Emulating the stylistic slickness of advertising, the result is glossy, perfect and irresistible.

Exploring the language of pop culture, the inspiration for naming the artworks comes from the names of current lipstick shades.